Shortages of Daycares in Charlotte, NC

About two years ago, I started Babysitters of Charlotte and my family and I moved to Charlotte, and at that time, I did not know that their were a shortage of daycares. I was just passionate about helping families have a dependable babysitting agency for date nights in the Charlotte area. This was how Babysitters of Charlotte was formed.

My agency Babysitters of Charlotte wanted to start partnering with Daycares, and so I started to visit daycares within a 10 miles radius from my office that is located in Uptown Charlotte. As I visited the daycares, 75% of the daycares were full on were on a 2 year waiting list. After doing my research, I came to realize that there is a shortage of Daycares in the Charlotte area, and that Charlotte need more daycare within the city.

I have about 7 years in professional childcare and owning and operating a daycare in the state of North Carolina. Charlotte is really in need of daycares! Thats why nanny agencies are so popular in Charlotte. I will speak about this on another blog post!