Have A Babysitter Escort Your Preteen + Friends To The Movies!

Just imagine being able to teach your child how to be independent while a babysitter nearby to watch your preteen while hanging out with friends. The concept is allow your nine year old-fourteen year old to be able to enjoy freedom outside the house with friends, whether it’s going to the movies, going to the mall, or going to get ice cream with a babysitter close by to accompany your preteen.

How it works

You will simply take your child to the location of choice(movies, mall, ice cream shop, Carowinds, etc) and the babysitter will be there waiting for your child and friends. The babysitter will follow close by, and if the preteens need help with anything, the babysitter will be there to assist them. The babysitter will allow the preteens freedom to hang out with friends while assuring their safety.

Our Goal

The goal is teach the preteens how to be independent and allow the preteens freedom while being accompanied by a mature babysitter.

How do I get started

Babysitters Of Charlotte came up with this concept when the owner's 10 year old daughter asked to go to the movies with her friends alone. Trina Boyd the owner of Babysitters Of Charlotte knows it is not safe for a 10 year and friends to go to the movies by themselves, so she allowed a babysitter from Babysitter Of Charlotte to accompany them from afar so the preteens can enjoy their friends and activities. Babysitter Of Charlotte is now offering this service to Charlotte and surrounding areas. To book a babysitter for your preteen and their friends, you will simply text or call 980-819-1741. The rates are only $30 per parent, with a minimum of 2 friends and a maximum of 5 friends at a time per babysitter. The $30 per parent is up to 3 hours. For additional hours, please call.

About our babysitters

Most of our babysitters are CMS teachers with state credentials. All of the babysitters are pre-screen and have been with the company for awhile. The owner of Babysitters Of Charlotte use her babysitters for her own 3 children, and also for her corporate events for her non-profit Women In Power Inc.

If you would like to book a babysitter, please text us or call us at 980-819-1741.