Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools

Enrollment With Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools

I’m a parent of 3 and at the time of my kids started going to Charlotte Mecklenburg schools, my children were 7years old and 9 years old. Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools for elementary school is ok, and it depends on where you live to know if your children will be going to a great school with Charlotte Mecklenburg schools. The enrollment process with Charlotte Mecklenburg schools is not bad if you know what to do. The first thing that you will do is find out who the home school of the address of where you live, and once you find the home school, you will go up to the home school with all of the documents for enrollment. Don't go empty-handed, according to the Charlotte Mecklenburg school website,

you will need to bring

Birth Certificate or other Proof of Age and

Legal NameProofs Mecklenburg County Residency

Safe Schools Enrollment Declaration

(Required for students transferring into CMS)

Current Immunization records (Complete record required by 1st day of school entry)

Health Assessment​​ ​

​ (A​ll children entering NC public schools for the first time must submit proof of a health assessment within 30 days of the start of school

Health Assessment and Immunization Requirements for School Attendance​​.

If you are a parent that do not believe in immunization, you will be able to do a waiver. You can ask the home school for a waiver or you can write a wavier stating why you don't immunize your child.

Moving To Charlotte?

You will definitely want to choose the best school for your child in Charlotte Mecklenburg school to determine where you will live. When my husband and I first moved to Charlotte we just knew that our children will be going to a good school in Charlotte Mecklenburg schools because we moved to a great area in South end Charlotte. We were sure that our daughters were going to go to Dilworth Elementary. Dilworth Elementary at that time in Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools was in the top 5 schools, and when we moved to Ashton South end apartments, we were sadly mistaken. Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools changed the lines to where my daughters were going to Sedge field Elementary which was not a good school. Sedgefield Elementary which is part of Charlotte Mecklenburg schools was a title 1, which I have no problem with Title I schools, it was just the principal at the time did nothing about the discipline and allowed bullying to go on at the school. Charlotte Mecklenburg schools is a good school system depending on where your child is placed and what school your child attend. Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools is a big district and the last meeting that I attended for Charlotte Mecklenburg schools, the superintendent advise everyone that she has to manage over 60,000 students. That is a lot of students.

Bullying In Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools

My daughter was being bullied in the Charlotte Mecklenburg schools and the sad part about it is that the principal did not do anything about it. It got really bad that I had to go up there and speak with the principal and she still didn’t do anything about it. She was going to keep my daughter in the same class after she watched my daughter cry in front of her. So I did what a parent had to do and I advise her that my daughter will not be coming back to the school and after I told her that, she eventually allowed her to switched classes, but it was really heartbreaking to see that the principal did not care and wasn’t going to do what was best for the child. I’m so happy now to see that the same school is now transforming and merging with another Charlotte Mecklenburg school. I foresaw this happening because of the area that we lived in was being transformed. The houses in the area went from $50,000 houses to million dollar homes, and I know the parents who lived in the new million dollars homes were going to want their children to go to a great school that is bully free. Also, not to mention, the teachers were excellent at that school, it was just the students. Bullying should be taken series so now Charlotte Mecklenburg schools have a new system now where you can report bullying anonymous. They always had the reporting anonymous, but the old way was where you report on paper, and the new way is where you can report online. We received an email from Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools and this was how it looks below.

Dear CMS families,

Our kids need us to stand up to bullying, and CMS is taking action.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools has launched “Stand Up, Speak Out.”, a new tool your students and you can use to anonymously report bullying.

On every school’s website across the district, a Stand Up, Speak Out button is now active. If you click on it, next steps are easy and anonymous unless the person making the report chooses to share their contact information. SOSU is also available on the main CMS website and through the CMS mobile app.

Steps for Stand Up, Speak Out Bullying Reporting

  1. Click on the SUSO button.

  2. Complete a short reporting form.

  3. Reported will be investigated by CMS.

  4. Response as needed taken by CMS staff.

  5. Status of reports can be obtained anonymously.

Stand Up Speak Out is one part of the district’s efforts to help ensure safe, supportive schools where the focus is on teaching and learning. You can find out more about proposed additional supports for our students at

Thank you for choosing Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools.


Tracy Russ Chief Communications Officer

Here Comes The Bus APP

The Charlotte Mecklenburg schools have an app now and the app is called Here Comes The Bus. This app is so amazing and it really helps my family. You will need the school district code to use the app and your student ID. Most of the time, your child will know their ID, but the district code that you will use is 73877.

This app allows me to track exactly where my daughter bus is located. My oldest daughter bus comes early a lot, but it doesn’t worry me because the bus app notifies me of when the bus is within two miles of her bus stop, and as soon as I get the notification, she either walks to her bus stop or I take her to the bus stop. My daughter who is 11 years old was able to down it to her phone and she is able to be notified as well. Charlotte Mecklenburg school is making strides to become better and it is making being in the Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools a pleasure to be within their school system. The Here Come The Bus App helps me with my second daughter, her bus always comes late, but it doesn’t bother me as long as I can see where that her bus is going to be late. For example, my second daughter bus is suppose to come at 8:30am, but at 8:30am her bus could be 30 miles away or at another school, so what I do, I tell her not to go out to the bus stop just yet. So once I’m notified that the bus is within 2 miles, is when I will tell her that to go to her bus stop. I really do love this app. I’m also able to add multiple emails to the notification list. So for example, some days when I’m not able to pick up the my daughters from the bus stop, I have the email notification on his phone so he is notified when the bus is within 2 miles.

You can report an unsafe stop and alternate bus stop here