Date Night Charlotte NC

Date Night Charlotte NC

I wanted to do a article on date night in Charlotte NC from a parent point of view and from a wife point of view. Date Night In Charlotte NC is always fun for my husband and I. The first time we visited Charlotte, NC we wanted to do was go on a Date Night, but we notice that we had a hard time finding a babysitting agency in Charlotte, NC. At that time we were just visiting Charlotte, NC. We wanted to see Charlotte, NC was a place that we really wanted to move to and live. We called around to find a babysitter and could not find a babysitter for our date night in Charlotte, NC. So this inspired me as a business owner to open a babysitting agency with quality sitters to provide date night services in Charlotte, NC which is now called Babysitters Of Charlotte. You can call us or text us to book a sitter 980-819-1741. You can request a babysitter here.

Our First Date Night In Charlotte, NC

Our first Date Night In Charlotte, NC was at this restaurant called Sullivan's. Sullivan's is a great place to have a date night in Charlotte NC. They have great food and because we moved to Ashton Southend which was right across the street from Sullivan's, it was a 2 minute walk. Our first date night in Charlotte was amazing. The meal that I had a the time was a surf and turf. The surf and turf at Sullivan's is only for certain seasons like the summer. The date night in Charlotte, NC consist of outdoor seating with a live band inside. The outdoor seating at this date night in Charlotte NC was more of a city feel because you had people walking by and bright lights with a 24 hours shell station down the street. You can picture young milli in Charlotte hanging out walking the street. This was our first night in Charlotte, NC and our First Date Night in Charlotte, NC. You can make a reservation here with Sullivan's.

Date Night Ideas in Charlotte, NC Go For A Test Drive

My husband like cars so I took him to do a test driving for one of our Date Nights In Charlotte NC. My husband loves all type of cars, but particularly he like Audi and Cadillac, so I took him to the Cadillac dealership and we went for a test drive. It was my husband birthday, so I basically called one of babysitters from my babysitting agency which is Called Babysitters Of Charlotte, 980-819-1741 and she came over with the children while we went on our date night in Charlotte, NC. Once the babysitter arrived for our date night, we basically left, and we were worried free because we basically use Babysitters Of Charlotte all the time for date night. Once we arrived at the dealership, the guy was outside waiting for us. This was about to be a relaxed, but exciting Date night in Charlotte. We went on the test drive and my husband loved the car, but of course we were just test driving the car for enjoyment of our date night in Charlotte, NC. We did almost buy. If you are looking for a great date night in Charlotte, NC try going out for a test drive at any car dealership. Audi is a great car dealership. We ended up buying two Audi’s from the Audi in Northlake. The make the experience great! Make sure you only do the Audi in North lake. Great customer services. You can request a test drive here for Audi. You can request a test for Cadillac here.

Relaxed Date Night In Charlotte, NC...Movie

If you are looking for a more relaxed date night in Charlotte, NC, you definitely want to try out a movie. There are a few date night movie theater that I would recommend in Charlotte, NC. The first one is the Epic Center movie theater. The Epic Center movie is more for a date night in Charlotte. They have full course meals that you can order from their menu, and if you love to drink, they have a full bar inside of their movie theater. The best part about this movie theater being a date night movie theater in Charlotte is that it is in the heart of Charlotte, NC. So you get to see all of the bright lights and its just a fun movie theater for a date night in Charlotte, NC.

The next date night movie theater will be AMC movie theater. They are a little different from Epic center because they have more families come out to this movie theater, but you can still go on a date night here at this movie theater in Charlotte, NC. The movie theater consist of food, but more of the finger foods like corn dogs, hot dogs, pizza and popcorn. They do have a full bar now. They also have a new thing where if you pay monthly you can watch up to 3 movies a week with any AMC movie theater. You can get the link to that here.

Day Date Night Ideas In Charlotte, NC

My husband is retired military and I’m a small business owner that work from home, so when the kids would go to school, we would go on a day date night in Charlotte, NC. One idea is to go on a bike ride through Charlotte, but on the light rail. You can get details on the light and bike pricing here. We lived in southend so we would literally walk to the closest light rail in Charlotte, NC southend and pay $8 and we would just ride the bikes that were located near the light rail.

Our Favorite Restaurant Now for a Date Night In Charlotte, NC

Our favorite restaurant now in Charlotte, NC that we go to for a date night in Charlotte is Eddie V’s. Not only is the food good, but they make it an experience when you got there. Our first time going to Eddie V’s, I order the steak and lobster and it was so delicious. I love seafood and their dessert was awesome. OMG. You have to try them out. You can make a reservation here. The second time we went to Eddie V’s. We went on our anniversary and it was mind blowing this time because my husband advise them that it was our anniversary and they did their thing. This date night in Charlotte, NC was so awesome. Eddie V’s put the rose petals on the table and they gave us a anniversary card saying Happy Anniversary. My husband was able to request where we would sit for this date night, and he requested that we sit by the band. So yes. They do have a band on some night. The band played love songs. It was the perfect date night. When dessert came, I requested the top dessert on this date night in Charlotte, NC and it was a great experience. They served the dessert with fire. I mean literal fire. I have the picture to show. It was awesome.

Free Great Date Night In Charlotte, NC

Is just to ride the light rail and enjoy Charlotte, NC. Charlotte, NC is a great city to be in, and the first time my husband and I visited Charlotte, NC. We fell in love with Charlotte aka the Queen city. The city itself is so beautiful and clean. Its bright lights in Charlotte, NC, and the opportunity is endless if you are a small business owner. So if you just want something quiet and something that is free to for a date night in Charlotte, NC, experience the light rail. They are now extending the light rail longer. Once you get off the light rail, you can just walk the city and just enjoy Charlotte, NC