Hot Air Ballonfest Coming To The Charlotte Area!

The Carolina Ballonfest will be in Statesville, NC on October 18th-20th. Statesville, NC is about 30 minutes from Charlotte. The Carolina Ballonfest is for people who are curious to learn about what it takes to get hot air ballons in the air. The event will include two ballons launches a day and tethered ballons rides. According to ( A tethered balloon ride is one where the balloon boards passengers then goes aloft to a low altitude while remaining tethered to the ground using straps or lines. Ideal for people with fears of flying or heights, it is the safest possible way to experience a hot air balloon ride.

There will be a kids zone for the children and vendors! The kids activities includes FREE inflatables, wall climbing and a walk inside the balloon for an additional fee.

Fee for this events below:


Saturday-$20 in advance

Sunday-$15 in advance


Kids are free for 12 years old or younger

260 Hangar Dr, Statesville, NC 28677