More Families In Charlotte Are Hiring Nannies For These Two Reasons!

More families in Charlotte are hiring nannies for the two reason below!

The first reason is because Charlotte, NC has a serious issues of long wait list at daycare centers. Babysitters Of Charlotte like to partner with other daycare centers in Charlotte and while we was doing our research, we noticed that a lot of the daycare facilities has wait list as long as 5 years. Charlotte has an average of 600 people that move to Charlotte every week, and the majority of the people moving to Charlotte are families, so the daycares are getting full. More families are looking to hire nannies in Charlotte versus putting their child in a daycare facility.

The second reason families are looking to hire a nanny in the Charlotte area because the prices for daycare facilities are not always necessarily cheaper. The average 5 star daycare center, depending on their age, will cost an average of $1200-$1800 monthly for 1 child. If you have 2 children, you can double that amount to $2400-$3600. The average nanny charges $15-$20 an hour and if they are working 40-50 hours a week this will average the same amount that one will pay for a daycare facility for 2 children. So parents are thinking smarter. Most daycare facilities will do half days at discounted rates, but if your child need to come part-time at 3 days a week, but need to come 8 hour full days for those 3 days, you will still pay full-time weekly rates. So it will be less expensive to hire a part-time nanny to work those 3 days versus putting your child in daycare center to pay full a full weekly rate.

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