Asteroid Making Its Way Past Earth – Is Earth in Danger?

Recently, NASA has detected a stony asteroid that will pass by Earth. This asteroid 7482 (1994 PC1) is going to make its way past Earth on January 18, 2022. The time is expected to be 4:51 PM.

This asteroid is going to be very close to Earth while making its way past Earth. According to NASA, the asteroid would be at a distance of 0.013524 (astronomical units) from the Earth. It can be enormously dangerous if it hits the Earth. However, thankfully, it will pass by Earth without colliding with it. Hence, this distance of 1.2 million miles may sound horrible. Yet, there is no possibility of this stony asteroid hitting the Earth. However, the cosmic standards of asteroid 7482 (1994 PC1) may endanger Earth. Earth, being a giant planet, might be affected by it when it comes to cosmic standards of this asteroid because the distance of about 200000 kilometers is significantly less between both the objects. However, larger asteroids have passed by Earth at an even lesser distance in the past, yet life on Earth was not disturbed. Therefore, people do not have to be tense about it.

Moreover, it is not the only asteroid passing by the Earth. Around 3000 asteroids are sighted each year. An asteroid is an object that is not too far away from the Earth's orbit (around the sun). It is a near-earth object that is 460,00000 feet long. The orbits carry asteroids between the distance of 4.6 million miles within the orbit of Earth from the sun.

This asteroid (7482) has been added to Near- Earth Objects- NEOs. These objects are the rocks found in space that remain within 30 million miles of distance from planet "Earth" while moving. So, they move in the path of orbit of Earth Similarly, and this asteroid will pass by our planet within this distance.

Asteroid (7842) is measured to be 3609 feet long. This is larger than the two Empire State Buildings. This length of 1100 meters is indeed very massive, yet it would not collide with our planet.

When asteroids pass by the Earth, people try to see them with a naked eye. Asteroid 7842 would not be seen without any tool. However, it is expected that amateur astronomers might see it with the help of a telescope.

According to NASA, there are more than thousands of comets and asteroids located near our solar system at the moment. However, there is still no danger of these comets or asteroids colliding with our planet any time sooner than 100 years. Even after 100 years, the collision between the asteroid and Earth cannot be guaranteed.

Astronomers are sure that Earth is not in any danger from asteroids. Yet they plan to find ways to direct asteroids away from Earth. For this purpose, they plan to take the Double Asteroid Redirection Test. This experiment, "DART Mission '' will help astronomers figure out if they can change the asteroid's direction or not. Hence, the spacecraft will crash into an asteroid. Most probably, Dimorphos will be the target. Dimorphous is a small moon. It's orbiting a near-earth asteroid.