Date Night In Charlotte NC

Date Night In Charlotte NC

Date Night in Charlotte, NC is the best for my husband and me. When we first moved to Charlotte, NC, we loved Charlotte, NC because there are so many restaurants where we can go out on a date night in Charlotte, NC. Babysitters Of Charlotte is built on empowering date nights for all married couples. Babysitters Of Charlotte focuses on couples with children that may need a date night every month.

First Date Night In Charlotte, NC

Our first date night in Charlotte, NC before actually moving to Charlotte was at the Omni Hotel in Charlotte, NC. The Omni hotel is kid-friendly if you are visiting Charlotte and Babysitters Of Charlotte provides hotel babysitting services as well. Back to the story, as a couple my husband now first date night in Charlotte, NC was at the Omni Hotel. The Omni hotel had a bar that we visited and we also was able to get a hotel room at the Omni hotel. Before going to the hotel Omni in Charlotte, NC, we decided to go to a restaurant downtown Carolina Ale House since it was a great place for American food and my husband loved chicken tenders and I love wings and this place had both! We went to Carolina Ale House for our first date night in Charlotte and we loved it. The food was actually amazing, fresh, and hot for it to be a chain restaurant. In Charlotte, NC they have individual bikers who can give you a bike ride to your destination. It is so much fun looking at the views in Charlotte, NC.

The 2nd Date Night In Charlotte, NC

After moving to Charlotte, NC, and moving into our new place with the children, we had to go on our official date night in Charlotte, NC as a Charlotte resident. The restaurant that we decided to go to for our date night was Sullivan’s. Sullivan’s is a great restaurant for couples who like fine dining. Sullivan’s has two parts to their restaurant. The first part of the restaurant is the fine-dining part and you have to make reservations to dine with Sullivan’s. My husband and I went out on 1 date night here in the fine-dining part. The second part of the restaurant is outdoor dining or their bar area. The outdoor area was the area we sat in for our first official date night. We picked outdoors because the views are nice in Charlotte, NC. The bar area of Sullivan’s is more for individuals getting off work and want to grab a quick drink or bar food. Sullivan’s has 2 menus to satisfy the customer needs. The first menu is for fine dining and the second menu is titled bard food menu. The bar food is for individuals who drink and wanted light food. So for our second date night in Charlotte, we went to Sullivan’s and we actually made it a family date night. We invited my mom, my husband, and the children. We made reservations for this date night because we wanted to sit in the fine dining area. Once we arrived at Sullivan’s, we didn’t have to wait long and we were seated right away. Once we were seated for this date night, they brought our table some water and bread. We then ordered appetizers. I ordered seafood. Sullivan’s has some great appetizers! I ordered steak and my husband ordered steak. Overall, Sullivan’s is a great place for a date night.

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