Discovery Place Charlotte, NC

Charlotte city, also known as Queen City, is a lovely place. It has all you need, museums, restaurants, parks, for kids and adults. Whether you are a native or are a tourist, you will benefit from this article. Anyone can have fun or find an exciting place to go, as there is something for everyone in this city.

Charlotte City- A Glimpse of History

Before we learn why discovery place is a famous museum for kids and adults, let's dive into the history of queens city.

Charlotte city has many tourist attractions such as parks, coffee shops, and restaurants. You might not know the reason behind its name. Its history is older than the American Revolution.

King George was the ruler when loyal European settlers came into this city, and it was named after his wife, the queen, as a favor.

You can find statutes and crown symbols all over the Charlotte airport, which indicate that the city was named after the queen.

Hornet's nest is another nickname for Charlotte city. General Cornwallis marched his army into the city, but people resisted with great force and dedication. The army had to flee, and the general named the town hornet's nest of rebellion.

That's why the hornet is the official mascot of the city and the nickname. It is the 15th largest city in the United States. It is also one of the fastest-growing metropolitan areas in the nation.

Most fun places of the city

When you visit Charlotte, NC, you can find plenty of fun things to do. You can find something interesting to do in the city no matter what your interests are.

Restaurants, coffeehouses, and parks are some familiar and fun places to visit. Beautiful gardens are commonly visited places in the city. It can be exciting for kids to learn about new flowers, plants and play around in the park.

Some famous gardens are:

· The MC gill rose GARDEN

· UNC Charlotte botanical gardens.

· Wing haven garden

If your main aim is for kids to have fun and have creative learning experiences, then pay a visit to these places:

· Imagine-ON

· Discovery place

· Reedy Creek nature center and preserve

If you're interested in touring, you can take tours around the city. Plenty of tour options are available.

· Charlotte beyond the grave haunted history walking ghost tour

· Charlotte historical city tour

Amusement parks and theme parks can be fun for everyone. If you want to visit one, visit one of these:

· Rays splash planet

· Carowinds

· NASCAR hall of fame.

Here's a list we made of the most famous and fun places to visit in Charlotte, NC.

· Freedom Park

· NASCAR hall of fame

· Discovery Place

· Billy Graham library

· BB&T Ballpark

Why choose Discovery place, Charlotte, NC?

The first and most important question would be why you should visit the discovery place, Charlotte, NC. The answer is quite simple.

Do you want your kid to enjoy and also learn new things? I'm sure you do, that's every parent's dream, And that's precisely what discovery place has in store. It can be pretty entertaining yet informative. And don't worry, you will have just as much fun as your kids.

I'm sure you are intrigued, so let me help you out and share what kind of experiences you can have in Discovery Place, Charlotte, NC.

If you're new to Queens city and wondering what the discovery place is, let me explain. It's a museum of science and technology. But aren't museums boring? Well, that's a myth, especially when it comes to discovery places for kids.

It offers a wide range of experiences, activities to intrigue the child and you! But that's not it; they provide a hands-on learning experience, so your kids don't forget what they learned.

The best thing about discovery place? It can inform and engage people of all ages.

History of Discovery Place:

It's best to learn a thing or two about the history of the place you're about to visit or to plan to visit. Let's begin!

It all started in 1946, when Laura Owens, a school teacher, took the initiative and opened a small museum. She was dedicated to her profession and decided that kids need more fun and hands-on experiences to learn.

The museum opened in 1951 and launched a planetarium in 1965. In 1985, the discovery place opened, and the facilities expanded in 1986.

The museum further expanded and received a positive response from the community. They offer a safe and clean environment to provoke the children's imagination and help them learn while having fun.

Features of the Discovery Place:

Discovery place has some notable shows and exhibits. Some popular features of the discovery place are mentioned below.

IMAX Dome theatre:

It has a broad projection lamp. It is dome-shaped, as mentioned in the name, and three-story tall. It provides an entertaining and engaging experience.

Two-story urban rainforest:

They have a rainforest room, which seems very real. Very exciting and fun for kids.

· Aquariums.

· Live animal exhibit.

· Space for traveling exhibit.

· Labs.

· Event space.

· Stages for demonstration.

· Thinker space.

· Interactive Exhibits.

· Food: is served in the discovery place, but there are many food options right outside. People can go out and grab a quick bite.

· Toddler's play area: They often change things up to keep the experience fresh and enjoyable.

Fun Events and Activities to Participate in Discovery place, Charlotte, NC:

Birthday parties: They offer space for private parties.

Field trips: Discovery place provides field trips for schools to enhance the learning experience for students.

Summer Camps: They offer summer camps. Nature summer camps include kids having and striving in a safe outdoor environment. They can interact with live animals and plants under supervision.

There are different events and shows; you can get the schedule of the shows, so it would be easier to plan your day around these activities. Spend enough time in each section to have an immersive experience and make the best out of your time.

Level 2 offers more hands-on experience, so most people prefer spending their time on this level the most.

The petting tank and splash area are some of the most kid's friendly places in the museum. Many kids prefer rainforest or the bed of nails, don't worry about it, it's dulled metal. The experience also requires a lot of reading.

An ideal time to spend is 2-4 hours, though most people spend more time. The entry is timed, you have to enter on time, but you can leave before closing.

Options for groups’ visits are also available. Anyone can participate in it, including kids, adults, and seniors. You can join, "think it up" the challenge and explore more coral.

For some people, the highlight of the museum would be the IMAX movie theatre. It is commonly known for kids, and many adults go for their kids, but they usually get equally involved.

Discovery Place and Educational Programs:

Discovery place offers educational programs. The main goal is to help kids learn new things and improve their skills. Learning can be fun with the right experiences.

They are divided into the following categories:

· Youth programs

· School programs

· Adults programs

· Educator programs

· Apprenticeships

The educational programs aim to provide professional development. You can enroll yourself or your kids in any one of these creative programs. These programs do a great job of working the brain and educating while having fun.

Services of the Discovery Place, Charlotte, NC:

Parking: They offer a parking area for cars. The first hour of parking is free. A fee is charged for the following hours. Free off-site parking is available for vans and buses.

Hours: A specific timetable is set. They do different live shows, exhibitions, and events every day. The schedule for the day is available on their website. They open in the morning and close around evening,

Membership: Anyone can sign up for membership and enjoy exclusive benefits and discounts on different events. By signing up for membership, you will be supporting the discovery place in its journey of providing an entertaining, educational experience.

Gift Shop and Food: You can buy anything from the gift shop, and food is also above average quality.

Outreach Classes: A safe learning environment and experiences will be provided to kids in their school.

Accessibility: The museum also provides accessibility. To ensure that everyone has a comfortable and exciting experience, they offer services to visual or hearing impaired people and anyone with a disability.

Discovery Place, Charlotte, NC - Conclusion:

Charlotte, NC, has a rich and exciting history. The city has a lot to entertain and many attractive places to visit. Whether you are a native, visiting or a tourist, you will find something of your interest too.

Discovery Place, Charlotte, NC, is an exciting place to visit for kids and adults. You can see the aquarium or the rain forest exhibition. Many science and space shows are displayed on the IMAX dome theatre.

Educational programs and virtual experiences are provided to kids and can be informative and fun for adults. You can join their membership and enjoy exclusive perks while supporting the cause.