Nanny Agencies In Charlotte, NC

Content Outline:

1. What is a Nanny Agency?

2. How Does The Nanny Agency Work?

2.1. Meeting the Family:

2.2. Registering a Nanny:

2.3. Connecting Nanny with the Family:

2.4. Drawing a Contract and Follow-up:

3. Benefits of Hiring a Nanny through a Nanny Agency

3.1. They do Thorough Background Check and Professional Screening:

3.2. Their Experience and Knowledge in Nanny Industry Count:

3.3. They Provide Systematic Assistance during the Hiring Process:

3.4. They Give a Follow-up Support to Both Families and Nannies:

3.5. Agency offers Particular "Terms of Employment":

4. The Top 5 Nanny Agencies in Charlotte NC

4.1. Charlotte's Best Nanny Agency:

4.2. Babysitters Of Charlotte Nannies Agency

4.3. Babysitters Inc. Nannies agency

4.4. Carolina Nannies and Sitters Agency (CNS)

4.5. College Nannies and Sitters:

5. How to Choose a Nanny Agency?

5.1. Is the Agency Affiliated With Professional Associations?

5.2. Does It Provide 24/7 Customer Service And Follow-Up Support?

5.3. Does The Agency Offer Thorough Background Screening?

6. In Summary:


Finding a perfect nanny is an overwhelming and impossible task to accomplish. After all, you are going to trust your child's life with them. So, is there anyone who could help and take the burden off your shoulders?

Oh, yes! The Nanny Agencies. The nanny agencies are the ones who could assist you in finding a perfect and trustworthy nanny for your child — wondering how to proceed with this step! Well, worry not! We are here to help you out in this regard.

This post thoroughly discusses all the essential knowledge and information related to the Nanny Agencies, like how they work, what services they offer, and the benefits of hiring a nanny through an agency?

Moreover, in this post, for your assistance, we have also shared information on Nanny Agencies in Charlotte, NC. So start reading and stay with us until the end to resolve all your queries.

What is a Nanny Agency?

Primarily, a nanny agency is a company that is responsible for providing trustworthy nannies to families. However, the job is not as simple as it sounds because finding a nanny according to the requirements of families is in itself a challenging and sensitive job.

Agency’s secondary job is to hire competent nannies, which is also a lengthy and complicated process. An agency has to consider many things before recommending nannies to their prospective clients and vice versa. As the agency is responsible for the safety and security of both parties: the families and the nannies.

For this matter, the company has to take extra measures and put their full efforts. Thus, the main tasks of a nanny agency are:

® To assist parents in finding a responsible nanny.

® To help the nannies find respectable clients.

® To draw a mutual-beneficial contract between both the parties.

® To do a follow-up on both parties timely, till the nanny’s tenure lasts.

How Does The Nanny Agency Work?

Not all agencies work on the same structure. Some of them have different working styles and processing patterns. However, the set-procedure for most agencies is based on these four primary functions:

1. Meeting the Family:

Firstly, the agency will look into the background of the family, who comes to seek services of a nanny agency. Then the agency will schedule a meeting with the parents and asks some basic questions to make sure that the family is ready and applicable to hire a nanny. Parents have to be prepared for questions, like:

® Why do they need a nanny?

® Are they prepared to afford a nanny?

® Are they willing to trust nanny with their child?

® Which particular qualities are the parents looking for in the nanny?

® Do the parents need a nanny for a whole day or on an hourly basis?

The agency asks these and many other questions from the parents to understand their needs and demands. This step is necessary to find a particular nanny that will be more suitable for the family. It might take more than one meeting for a company to access the family. Once the family is considered applicable for hiring a nanny, then the search for their nanny begins.

2. Registering a Nanny:

Generally, people looking for a "nanny position" contact nanny agencies for registration. In return, the agency does a complete and extensive background check on potential nannies. Also, call them in for an interview. The agency conducts the interviews in person or via Skype, depending on the employee's location. The agency looks into following things of the prospective nanny and completes checks such as

¨ Qualification

¨ Employment History

¨ Character Checks

¨ Police Checks

¨ Working with Children Checks

¨ Most Importantly, the References, etc.

Once the nanny clears the interview and the checks mentioned above are marked positive, the company registers the nanny. The nanny is now a part of the agency and is live on their website.

3. Connecting Nanny With the Family:

After the registration, if the nanny is interested, the agency forwards their application to the family in question. Now, the ball is in the family's court. It is their turn to study the application and decide to pursue the interested applicant.

If the family is willing, then a face-to-face meeting is arranged between both parties. Through this opportunity, both the parties get to know each other and discuss their reservations, if any.

4. Drawing a Contract and Follow-up:

Suppose a family gives a green signal. In that case, the agency will draw contracts and define operational policies for both parties. It is the agency's responsibility to ensure that the paperwork and final process go smoothly.

The company will also put in work each month to keep check and balance on both parties. They will also have to offer ongoing support and be available to answer questions.

Hence, the agency is fully responsible for protecting the rights of both parties until they are in contract with the company.

Benefits of Hiring a Nanny through a Nannies Agency:

Might you be asking yourself, why contact a nanny placement service to hire a nanny, and why not do it privately?

Let me remind you how dangerous it would be to find the wrong person and bring her into your home. All on your own, you cannot do a 100% background check, nor will someone else take the responsibility of a nanny that you will choose yourself.

However, by contacting a nanny placement service, you can save your time and breath, chill out and leave onto the agency to find the most competent and trustworthy nanny for your child.

Further, the nanny agencies give you peace of mind in the following ways:

1) They do Thorough Background Check and Professional Screening:

The nanny placement service meets the potential nanny face-to-face many times, runs a detailed history check on them, their identity, character, and references. When you start your search with the Nanny Agency, you can rest assured that the agency rigorously screens all references.

2) Their Experience and Knowledge in Nanny Industry Count:

The Nanny Agency's personnel has years of experience in the field. They know your needs more than you do. Your family will have access to a competent counselor who understands your requirements at all times. The placement professional will identify and provide you only individuals that fulfill your family's unique criteria and requirements.

3) They Provide Step-by-Step Assistance during the Hiring Process:

The agency gives customized assistance to clients during the entire placement process. Their staff communicates with both the nanny candidates and the families regularly to aid with the interview, trial, and travel (if necessary) scheduling, as well as providing vital feedback to both parties after meetings. Thus, they work as a bridge between them.

4) They Give a Follow-up Support to Both Families and Nannies:

The company's expert staff is always available to help with any questions or concerns throughout the placement process or after that. Suppose the family or the nanny has any questions. In that case, they are welcome to contact them at any time during the employment. They aim to obtain the best success rate in the nanny/family connection at the Nanny agency.

5) Agency offers Particular "Terms of Employment":

To explain the individual elements of each nanny role, the agencies design a "Terms of Employment" agreement. The "terms of employment" agreement is intended to ensure that everyone engaged understands the job's expectations and parameters. The client may use this agreement as a contract between the nanny and the family to avoid misunderstandings later. It includes crucial decisions as

¨ Days off