Nanny In Charlotte, NC

Babysitters Of Charlotte places nannies in Charlotte, NC. Since the pandemic a lot of families are needing nannies in the Charlotte area. The nanny in Charlotte, NC that we have recently placed helped a family who was in need of a nanny for their 2 children. Babysitters Of Charlotte was able to place a nanny with their family in less than a week. The family that we helped with finding a nanny was so happy and so pleased with our service. She needed a nanny in Charlotte, NC after moving from California to Charlotte temporarily for her job. Since the pandemic we have help place a nanny in Charlotte, NC with a family who occupation was a doctor. The family needed a nanny in Charlotte, NC because their other nanny was going to nursing school, so we were able to place an awesome nanny with their family, and so far they love their nanny.

Screening and Background Check Of Nanny In Charlotte, NC

Babysitters Of Charlotte screening process includes an initial screening of the nanny in Charlotte, NC resume. Babysitters Of Charlotte ensure that the nanny resume have some form of nannying experience that is on their resume. The experience that we look for on a nanny in Charlotte, NC resume is daycare experience is a major plus. The daycare experience for a nanny is a plus because if the nanny or babysitter have worked in a daycare for at least a year then this shows that the potential nanny in Charlotte, NC has experience working with multiple children at once. If the potential nanny in Charlotte has worked as a floater in a daycare, this means that she has worked with all ages of children at a daycare. The nannies in Charlotte that have daycare experience really appreciate a nanny job. The first reason the nanny in Charlotte, NC would appreciate the nanny job is because the nanny is use to working harder in a daycare. The potential nanny in Charlotte, NC has probably cared for more than 5-10 children at one time in a high pace environment. The nanny in Charlotte, NC would really appreciate a nanny job where the nanny is only caring for 2-3 children at a time versus 5-10 children and the nanny would over exceed expectations. The second thing that we look at when screening a nanny in Charlotte, NC is if they have had nannying experience in Charlotte or anywhere else. We are possibly looking for at least 5 years of experience nannying for a family. We normally don’t include nannying for a family member. Once the potential nanny in Charlotte, NC passes the experience test, our HR team will normally send a request for an phone interview. The phone interview is a short interview of the basic of explain their experience, if the nanny has a car, if the nanny have any thing on their background, and more so discerning the nanny personality as they are speaking. The phone interview will also discern the tone of the nanny in Charlotte, NC. The nanny tone tells us a lot. The nanny tone can tell you what type of nanny you are going to be potentially hiring. If the nanny passes the phone interview, then we will schedule a video interview with the nanny. The instructions for joining the interview is that the nanny has to arrive at least 5 minutes early to account for any technical issues. If the nanny is late or misses a video, this is a red flag for us. Only about 20 percent of the time if the nanny is late or misses a video interview has reliable issues. A nanny missing a interview or showing up late isn’t an official deciding factor.

Screening the Nanny in Charlotte, NC

The nanny in Charlotte has now passed the phone interview and now our HR team or myself is conducting a Video interview. The video interview is a more in deep interview with the nanny in Charlotte, NC. The questions that Babysitters Of Charlotte have was draft from one of the top HR executive with a fortune 500 company. The HR that we hired not only was a previous nanny, but now works for a fortune 500 and was doing HR on the side as a independent contractor. The HR executive crafted the interview list for the nanny based on being reliable, they way they think and several other things. The questions really get the nanny to think about the question before answering the question. Our HR team will normally conduct the interview with the nanny in Charlotte, NC and if the nanny passes with the HR team, the HR team will them send me the video interview of the nanny in Charlotte, NC and I will then make a determination after looking at the nanny video. If I as the owner need another nanny interview, I will allow my HR team to schedule the interview and go from there. If the nanny passes all the interviews, we will then run the nanny in Charlotte, NC official background check. The HR will run the nanny background initially while she is conducted the phone interview with the nanny. There are two software’s that we use to run backgrounds. The second background check is a more thorough background through SSN trace. Once the nanny passes the second background check, we will then send an official offer letter to the nanny. The nanny will then either accept of deny. Once the nanny in Charlotte, NC accept the offer, the nanny will go through an official onboard process on our website. The onboarding includes our company policy and procedures training videos that the nanny will have to undergo. Once the nanny finished up the training video, the nanny in Charlotte, NC will have to do a test on each training video. We offer the nanny a First Aid/CPR class as well. There are certain techniques that we will like for the nanny in Charlotte, NC to conduct so we offer the nanny a free training.