Nanny Jobs in Charlotte NC

As you know, a nanny is a person (woman) who takes care of your child. If we talk about history, the nannies were the servants of wealthy families in the past. They worked under the all-in-all lady of the house, and nannies had to fulfill many household and child care responsibilities.

Over time, those servants started getting modern education such as nanny care certifications and more. Nowadays, those servants are known as the nannies in this modern era. They are subdivided into many categories and also offer different types of services. Several private and public agencies are working as nanny provider organizations. They first train the nannies in their institute and then offer their services to the people who need them.

In the same way, several services are available as nanny, and we call in nanny jobs. This comprehensive guide is all about the employment type, financial charges, and all the important things you need to know about the nanny jobs in Charlotte, NC. So, let's get deeper without wasting any time.

Short History About The Nanny

In ancient days, the nannies were known as the nurses, especially in the 19th and 20th centuries. The word "Nurse" was typically used for the females because women were hired for the mother and childcare. You will be amazed to know that the females were employed to breastfeed the infants and were called "wet nurses".

Some houses consisted of more than a single nanny, and one of them was the head nurse. Due to the connection and affection between the kid and the nanny, the nannies were treated with kindness. The room in which the baby and nurse stayed was known as the nursery.

They were responsible for almost all the household tasks of the colonial empires. In colonial empires, they were restricted to living in their owner's or master's homes. From teenage to old age, they took care of all the kids for more than one generation. Here we want to share a fascinating fact with you. They always bring the nanny with them even if they are going to be a resident of another country.

Lastly, we want to mention here that different countries called the nannies with different names. In Pakistan, a nanny is called a "nurse". Similarly, the Indians called them as "Ayah or aia". In Chinese, a nanny is called "Amah". Keep in mind that the pronunciation is also different for different cities of the same country.

Nanny Jobs Based-on Nanny Type

In the present age, a nanny works as an individual member for the childcare in a family. Based on the type, qualification, area, and many other aspects, there are several types of responsibilities of the individual nannies. If you want to become a nanny or wish to apply for a nanny job, prepare yourself to work according to a family's needs and requirements.

After reading the further information, you will be able to find a nanny job easily by differentiating each type of title. Don't forget to analyze your qualification, status, and experience as a nanny first. Check out the following nannies' job types to get more information.

· Live-in Nanny Job

It's a self-explanatory term. The term live-in means the nanny will stay at the home of the kid all the time. It's like a full-time nanny job where you have to take care of all the child's tasks. Such nannies usually work day and night for seven days a week. But nowadays, the nannies take one day off to keep themselves healthy and rest. However, the nanny will work at the house even on a holiday if there is an emergency or anything else.

The live-in nanny is in charge of laundry, child's meal preparation, getting the kids for school, bringing them back from school, planning and arranging academic and co-curricular activities, and more. Not only the child's chores, but many live-in nannies also take care of other household chores. However, they charge a high price to do other household tasks. Besides all the aspects mentioned above, it's also a two-way process, and the expectations and digression depend on the employing family.

· Live-out Nanny Job

It's also an intelligible term offering similar services, just like a living nanny. The only difference is the residence. The live-out nannies live outside the house of the kid. In simple words, the live-out nannies take care of the children all day long for the whole week but leave them on to the parents at night and also on weekends. It means the children will be under the supervision of the parents on weekends.

Usually, the live-out nannies work according to the hours. The typical duty hours of a live-out nanny are 8 hours. However, such nannies also offer a bit of compensation in the duty hours based on the salary. The charges are less than the live-in nanny because parents are not offering the residence to the live-out nanny.

· Au Pairs Nannies Job

Au Pair Nanny is also similar to the living nanny. The only difference is that the Au pairs nannies are the international workers and foreigners who serve a family in return for exchanging the room. Not only the rooms but sometimes a board is also exchanged. The responsibilities of Au Pairs nannies are just like the living nannies. Don't forget that the actual responsibilities are assigned by the actual family or mother.

Sometimes the families give some extra money to provide a room or board to the other Pu pairs workers solely for the work.

· Babysitting Job

Babysitters are a bit different from live-in and live-out nannies in terms of jobs and responsibilities. They give almost the same care as the nannies, but they work sporadically than all the typical types of nannies. However, babysitters are younger than the nannies, and usually, teenage girls join such jobs. So, what benefit will you get from a babysitting job? Don't worry! We are here to tell you everything. As younger girls, they can learn more quickly and also have good stamina than the nannies. The working is also random; usually, they work once a week or just one day a week. They are hired when the family doesn't have any childcare options.

· Housekeeper Nanny Job

Housekeeper nannies are just like the live-out nannies who don't live with the family. However, in terms of tasks, they see all the childcare and child-related household tasks. They may stay with the family at their home in an emergency or anything else. They are responsible for all the family-meal cooking, child’s diet, grocery shopping, and all the other household and baby-related tasks.

· Newborn Specialist Nanny Job

A Newborn specialist is a true companion of the mother. As you know, a mother is not capable of handing over all the tasks because of her and other problems. Therefore, newborn specialist nannies are hired for such jobs. The nanny helps the mother in all the tasks for about a few months in a year. If the mother does not feel fine, they can extend the service of the newborn specialist nanny. In simple words, they are the mother's assistants in childcare.

· Temporary and Permanent Nannies

Last but not least, temporary and permanent nanny jobs are at last on our list. Some nannies want to work temporarily just to meet their financial expenses. The temporary nannies like to work for about six months a year. Conversely, the other or permanent types of nannies work about a year for a single-family.

So, it's always better to discuss the salary and job hours before applying or contracting with a family. If you want to work temporarily, never make a contract for more than six months and vice versa. If you're going to be a permanent nanny, a family may hire you for more than a child due to your good behavior.

Salaries of Nannies

The salaries of the nannies change with the geographical location and also the type of nanny. However, for your information, we have collected some factual data to give you an idea about the salaries for nannies. A high-profile family nanny's hourly wage is about $39.37, and the annual salary of up to $81,882.

In the same way, a work-from-home RN nanny has an average hourly wage of about $37.24 and an annual income of about $77,466. Likewise, the hourly wage is about $29.12 to $31.63 for a live-out, full-time travel, and work from home net nanny. The annual income of these nannies varies from $60,575 to $65,792.

Final Thoughts

Every month a lot of nanny jobs are offered in Charlotte, NC. The nannies' salaries are based on the experience, duration of stay, nanny type, and many other important aspects. However, make sure you have checked the timings and other important things while applying for a nanny job. You can also contact a nanny agency if you want more preciseness and ease in finding a suitable job. We hope you will get all the answers to your queries by going through this article.

Happy Nanny Job!