Things to do with Kids in Charlotte, NC

Queen City is a vibrant and fun town. It is full of adventurous and lively places that are the hub of attraction for all the people living in or visiting Charlotte. Similarly, there are many things to do with kids in Charlotte, NC.

This post will discuss all the amazing and unique things you could experience with your kids in Charlotte. But, to get the feel of this auspicious city, let's first visit its historical background briefly.

A Little History of Charlotte, NC:

In 1768, some English-Irish immigrants were traveling from Philadelphia when they stumbled upon an undiscovered hamlet.

The place was so beautiful and captivating that they instantly chartered it. At that time, King George III was the ruler of the colonies, so the European settlers named the new town after his wife, Queen Charlotte, to curry favor the King.

Hence, "Charlotte," a new city located in Mecklenburg County in North Carolina, came into existence. The city was rightfully nicknamed "Queen City" as it rules the heart of NC.

Queen City – A Lively Place

Queen City is a lively and fun town. It's full of adventurous and lively places that are the center of attraction for the citizens and the people visiting Charlotte. There is a lot of things to do with kids in Charlotte, NC.

In fact, the city has something to offer to people of all ages, including the youngsters and the elderly.

Most Famous Places in Charlotte, NC Are:

· The Carolinas Aviation Museum – located at Charlotte Douglas International Airport, is one of the museums worth seeing.

· The New South's Levine Museum – provides a detailed portrayal of Southern history after the Civil War.

· Interior hangar deck – Examine antique aircraft such as an F-14 Super Tomcat and a DC-3 commercial airliner.

· Hezekiah Alexander Rock House – Spend an hour or two at the Charlotte Museum of History and see this awe-inspiring piece of history.

Fun Things to Do With Kids in Charlotte, NC

When it comes to kids, Charlotte has a lot to offer. From educational attractions to fun-filled amusement places to scrumptious ice-cream parlors, the Queen City never false short on entertainment.

If you want to learn where to visit and make memories with kids, or if you are eager to learn the things to do with kids in Charlotte, NC, then this post is definitely for you.

Read more to know where to go and what to do with kids in Charlotte, NC.

Charlotte and its Beautiful Gardens:

Charlotte's metropolitan area is surrounded by a variety of beautiful parks and gardens. These flower-enriched and aroma-filled gardens are the most recommended places to visit with kids to develop a sense of serenity in them.

Moreover, these gardens also allow kids to learn about the seeds, roots, and photosynthesis process, a fundamental part of their curriculum.

Visit the following Gardens and be mesmerized:

§ The Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden: This place has 380 acres of exquisite gardens and fountains, as well as a tropical plant conservatory on the banks of Lake Wylie.

§ The McGill Rose Garden has 500 varieties of roses on exhibit, while the Wing Haven Gardens and Bird Sanctuary are among Charlotte's most valued gardens.

§ This collection of diverse gardens includes several gardens that attract various birds in the spring.

§ Also, visit the UNC Charlotte Botanical Gardens. Their plant diversity is incredible, but the crowning splendor is their two-story rainforest exhibit.

Charlotte – Fun/Learning Places:

Where you will find all the Creative things to do with kids in Charlotte, NC

Charlotte, NC, offers kids unique amusement settings where enjoyment and learning go hand in hand. Take your little ones to the following places in Queen City and allow them to learn and have the time of their life.

Ø Discovery Place, Charlotte, NC

It provides a fun, hands-on day of discovery, excitement, and surprise for those young, energetic, and curious brains! It's a place where stunning exhibitions, explosive experiments, and interactive learning bring science to life.

With their pioneering exhibitions and inspiring larger-than-life IMAX Dome films, kids can connect with the past and discover the future.

The museum allows children to construct forts, skyscrapers, and pyramids. They can create floor layouts and sketches. At Discovery Place, they will be able to learn all there is to know about science.

Ø ImaginOn, Charlotte, NC

Suppose your kids enjoy stories and being lost in alien worlds full of beautiful characters, twists, and turns. In that case, ImaginOn is the place for them!

At ImageOn, they will be surrounded by stories, a collaboration of a great library, and an engaging children's theatre.

This fun activity brings stories to life through exhibitions, publications, and performances that challenge, excite, and inspire children.

Ø Reedy Creek Nature Center and Preserve, Charlotte, NC

Nature is a great thing, and Reedy Creek Nature Center and Preserve are brimming with it just for your kids!

Reedy Creek Nature Center and Preserve, located within Reedy Creek Park, has 737 acres of forested environment. With nearly 10 miles of hiking paths, the preserve is ideal for active families.

There are many different terrains to explore, providing a space for kids to run around, get active, and enjoy the fresh air and a place for them to study! It's all there for the taking: wildlife, nature, biology, ecology, and geography.

Then there's Reedy Creek Park, which is just over the street, where you may engage in all of your leisure activities! There are also bike routes, as well as athletic fields, playgrounds, and picnic shelters.

Charlotte and Amusement Places:

Where you will find fun and happening things to do with kids in Charlotte, NC

Not in the mood to learn, but wants all the fun? No worries! We have got you covered. Check out the following places and enjoy tons of fun activities with your kids.

Ø Rays Splash Planet, Charlotte, NC

Suppose your youngsters simply like water and are disappointed when summer ends. In that case, an INDOOR swimming trip is exactly what they need.

This North Carolina water park is not only fun for the kids, but it's also great in any weather. Ray's Splash Planet is known for its one-of-a-kind waterpark.

There are 117,000 gallons of water in this indoor park, so your kids will definitely make a splash! Those taller than 48" can take on the Blue Comet, a three-story giant slide fashioned like an 8 - image the twists and turns they'll be taking!

If you prefer to watch kids enjoy the exhilarating slide, try the Orbiter, where you can relax on your tube and listen to their shrieks of delight.

Ø Carowinds, Charlotte, NC

When it comes to Queen City and fun, nothing is impossible. Suppose one of your kids demands to visit a theme park, but the other one wants to visit a water park. In that case, Charlotte presents you with "Carowinds."

Carowinds is a massive water and theme park in Charlotte, North Carolina. There are over 100 fantastic state-of-the-art rides, shows, and movie-themed experiences for kids to the elderly!

Carowinds, of course, boasts a plethora of family and kiddie rides, ensuring that no one gets left out! With carousels, Charlie Brown's workshop swings, and hot air balloon races, Planet Snoopy is ideal for all the little ones.

Don't forget to make a splash at Boomerang Bay with your kids. It features twisters, waves, and slides! What a place to enjoy with kids!

Charlotte and Ice-Cream Places:

I scream, we scream, and Charlotte screams for Ice cream. After all the fun they just had, your kids would be hungry! Let's learn where we can find their all-time favorite scoop of love and laughter.